The best campsite in Loire-Atlantique

The best campsite in Loire-Atlantique is Vnaya Village La Riviera, a 4 star campsite, with its feet in the Atlantic Ocean, less than one nautical mile from the Grande Plage de Tharon in the seaside area of Saint-Michel-Chef, Tharon-Plage.

Unparalleled seascapes

Unparalleled marine landscapes are offered to you on more than 1 km of fine sand. The northern part is reserved for nautical activities (sailing, sand yachting, …), the central part for families with supervision in summer and the southern side for the fisheries – emblematic fishermen’s huts full of history with elegant silhouettes. At this level, the beach of Tharon becomes beach of the Source undoubtedly because of the presence of a source of drinking water. Backed by a vast dune area, this urban beach offers a preserved environment. While being close to all amenities, it feels like being on a secluded beach.

You are here !

Facing the Bay of Bourgneuf and the Loire estuary, in the heart of the Pays de Retz, in Saint Michel Chef Chef, a coastal town labeled Green Resort & Blue Flag, you will stay in a natural setting in the heart of a rich and preserved land, less than 5 minutes away from the ocean and its seaside resort Tharon Plage. On foot, by bike, by car, the choice is yours!

The coast to the north

As you head north up the coast, past the Loire estuary, 20 minutes from the campground, you’ll see their silhouettes rising – these liners under construction are preparing to sail the seas of the world. You are in Saint-Nazaire! Extend your discovery of 5 minutes and it is La Baule which is revealed with its mythical beaches, its seafront, the longest of Europe – nine kilometers, bordered by many buildings with surprising architecture, but also by luxurious hotels, restaurants and casinos, which makes of La Baule one of the most posh seaside resorts of the Atlantic coast. Heading a little further north, a few minutes more, you are in the heart of the Guérande salt marshes!

The coast to the south

On the south side, the coastal fringe of the Pays de Retz in Loire-Atlantique, nicely named the Jade Coast for the color of its green waves, reveals its diversified coastlines on both sides of the Saint-Gildas point. Long sandy beaches with vast foreshores, bordered by wooded dunes or short cliffs contrast with a wilder coastline, a succession of coves and beaches more or less reduced, separated by rocky areas with larger shale cliffs, you are in the Bay of Bourgneuf!