Wild Planet

A wildlife park southwest of Nantes

15 minutes from Nantes, the Planète Sauvage animal park offers a unique experience on 80 hectares. Leave, with your personal vehicle or in Raid 4×4, in safari to the meeting of the most emblematic mammals of the wildlife.

Escape to the 5 worlds of the park:

  • The Safari Track (10 km of track on board your vehicle or a Raid 4×4) to observe the emblematic animals of the wild fauna in semi-liberty.
  • The Cité Marine and its dolphin presentation.
  • The Bush Trail, African atmosphere by crossing Kirikou’s Village to the Madagascar Island to observe lemurs, meerkats, marabouts…
  • The Jungle Temple takes you to Asia with its 250 meter long and 6 meter high suspension bridge to watch the macaques.
  • The Inca Trail, a lake walk in the South American lands, with alpacas, saïmiris, red howler monkeys…