Beaches near the campsite
Beach of Gohaud
Beautiful sandy beach located in the North of Saint-Michel.
Beach of La Roussellerie
A wild beach with a soothing setting and beautiful dunes
Châtelet Beach
Located in Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef
Anjou Beach
The southernmost beach of Tharon-Plage
Beach of the Source
The beach of the spring owes its name to the presence of a source of drinking water
Beach of the Roussellerie
Huge sandy beach that ends at a rocky point
Comberge Beach
A sandy beach that becomes very rocky when approaching the beach of Redois
Large beach
Stuck with their cliffs, the environment is peaceful and very pleasant.
Beach of Tharon
Large sandy beach of over 1 km, ideal for families.
The beach of Redois
The beach extends below the cliffs with many rocks and some small islands.